about my work

I call my work deep self-care, myself a transition guide. I offer you a way to be more alive, more fully awake and experience greater ease-of-being. This work for me is about radiant love.

Do you frequently experience

  • confusion about what you want & not believing you could have it anyway
  • mean self talk or self deprication
  • lack of motivation to do the things you think you should do, or even think you want to do
  •  inability (or unwillingness) to fully accept “what is” and let go of “what is not”
  •  not getting your needs met and not knowing how to ask for what you need and be heard
  •  constant judgments and evaluations of yourself and others
  • difficulty in your relationships?


If you are a woman over 50 (more or less), have an open mind and want to experience an open heart of greater depth and breadth, I offer classes and individual coaching. If you are ready to transition to a new way of being that gives you more freedom to enjoy and create the impact you choose to have on the planet in your third and final chapter of life, I can help you!   It really is about opening your heart to yourself and radiating the love.

Call me at 970-527-3933 or email me.  I am happy to give you the gift of a discovery session where we ascertain what it is you are needing and whether or not I can assist you on your journey.



Life is not about solving problems or fixing ourselves; it’s about showing up

in the mystery of our becoming.  ~Merideth Little Foster


I also offer Compassionate Communication to men and woman of all ages because it’s all about opening your heart to yourself. The evolution of self-empathy to empathy for others has the power to change the world!


how I got to this work

I have learned many ways to open my heart over the years. Believe me, I used to get crazy over things I said or didn’t say, how I behaved in general sometimes. No matter how much I accomplished, it was never enough.  There were parts of my life that worked but so much time was wasted trying to fix the parts I found unacceptable, I was always exhausted at some level. I just wanted to be okay with life as it was and experience a greater level of ease in my life.

My mind attempted to run my life for years and years. Most times my heart won out but it felt like a battle. Thankfully I am no longer in that war zone, and I help other women get out of self sabotage, have more empathy for themselves and begin to actually feel fulfilled and at ease with themselves and life.

When there’s a battle going on inside how can we expect to experience peace outside of ourselves? Living in harmony is essential to any kind of peace, within oneself or out in the world.

There’s no silver bullet, no cookie cutter “do this and you’ll be free” formula. Yet there is a path, your path. In order to help you (and me) stay on that path, I offer individual coaching to women who are looking for how to know where to put the next foot. My other offerings at this time include Vision Quests and Compassionate Communication classes.

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about me

I’m Carolyn Ringo, deep self-care coach and transition guide. I am a certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach, a Wilderness Rites of Passage guide, and all kinds of other strange and wonderful things I won’t go into here.

Even though I am not involved with any organized religion, I founded and led a Spiritual community for 5 years.  I enjoy public speaking and inspiring others to live an authentic life of deep connection and aliveness.

I have a background in business management, much of it as a solo-preneur.  I am an inspirational public speaker, a deep self-care coach for inspired women, a wedding officiant and a teacher and practitioner of Compassionate Communication. I also lead Vision Quests (one for women of all ages, one mixed gender) every summer.  I am leading my first retreat this winter, and plan to do two each year in various wonderous places.

I make time for myself to hike in the mountains/be Nature, dance, read, write and be a part of stimulating intimate conversations as often as possible.  I am also a collector of quotes and poems that inspire me.

I live in Paonia, Colorado, nestled in a beautiful river valley on the western slope of the Rockies. I love my community and am learning to ask what is needed and do what I can. (And letting what I can be enough, is a practice in and of itself. Why is it that we women so often think we are not enough or too much?)

I truly believe that those of us who experience deep joy and love are being called upon to focus there as often as possible (without denying or attempting to hold onto anything).  The soup of mass consciousness on the planet needs us now!

I work virtually and in person. I am passionate about helping people on their path communicate who they are and what they need, with compassion for themselves and others. I live to teach and teach to live.

My way of teaching is to inspire, motivate, bring awareness to what is in our deepest knowing and share skills, using experiential learning modes. Knowledge is something we know in our minds. Wisdom is something we know in our bodies, our bones. I think as we age, if we are on a path of awareness, knowledge turns to wisdom and we begin to truly live what we know, and feel compelled to share it in one way or another.


Knowledge is understanding based on what has been studied and learned. Wisdom

is understanding based on what has been felt and experienced.
  ~Simon Sinek


Call me at 970-527-3933 or email me.  I am happy to give you the gift of a discovery session where we ascertain what it is you are needing and whether or not I can assist you on your journey.


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