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Embracing Your Wisdom Years


A holistic journey for middle-age to elder women with vitality

A holistic journey for middle-age to elder women with vitality

Venue: TBA – Paonia
Dates: Tuesdays 1:30 pm – 4 pm starting February 27th
Fee: $125 per Phase or $225 for both paid in advance
Registration Deadline: Feb 19. Must be paid in full by first class.

* If you need to make special payment arrangements or feel deeply called to this workshop but cannot pay the full amount, please contact me.

Begins the last week of February

Week 1 – How you experience your relationship to yourself and to life

Week 2 – Becoming aware of your underlying beliefs & perspectives (about aging and anything else and how to work with them or release the ones that do not serve you)

Week 3 – Listening to your body’s wisdom & realizing emotions as your aliveness

Week 4 – Deep self-care and spiritual ceremony/practice

Week 5 – Journey within to find your unique & beautiful magic. Integration


Begins second week of April

Week 1 – Values revisited

Week 2 – Clarifying purpose & discovering your pivot stories

Week 3 – Defining your current vision for this phase of your life

Week 4 – Journey to future self

Week 5 – Creating your roadmap

Praise for Carolyn's Workshops

I was sad when this class ended. That’s the biggest compliment I could give. I felt so well looked after by Carolyn, it was clear she put a lot of thought and love into each week, she gave us great material to work with, read us beautiful poems and allowed us space to explore. I had some deep insights into my purpose, and I loved getting to know the other wonderful women in the group. I would encourage anyone thinking about joining to just do it. You’ll be supported and challenged, and you will come away a different person from when you started.


Carolyn creates a safe place for women to explore their worth and purpose in life moving forward. She inspires people to share creating a strong group bond. The more time you spend with the material she offers each class the more you will benefit from the experience. Empower your life and your and you communities will benefit!

Mary Cain

I came to the Embracing Your Wisdom Years workshop with a desire to clarify my focus/purpose at this time in my life, and to look at issues around my self-care.

I came away with excitement to continue further explorations/contemplations about things that arose through work in the class; more commitment to self-care and more understanding of what gets in the way; and more ease around relationships with family and friends – less judgement, more love and appreciation!

Carolyn is a great facilitator, a clear and compassionate communicator, bringing insights from the rich experience of her life, with vulnerability and humor. She shared many resources to deepen the work if desired – and great poetry!

If you are being called to do this kind of work, I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop! It is certainly worth the investment of time and energy.

Karen Good

This will be a spirited, interactive, experiential workshop.

We will come from curiosity, compassion, and hearts open to love. We will move our bodies, we will meditate, we will create sacred space together.

This class IS for middle-age to elder women who:
  • Seek to deepen their relationship with themselves and others
  • Are already flowing in the river of awareness, or at least taken a dip
  • Are open-minded and willing to explore inner landscapes
  • Are ready to step more deeply into their vital power as elders
  • Have time to devote at least 3 hours per week to homework
This class IS NOT for middle-age to elder women who:
  • Are not ready or willing to be vulnerable
  • Find outer explorations more important than inner explorations
  • Know in advance that they will miss more than one class