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Magic, Miracles and Intentions

By September 22, 2010June 30th, 2017Full Moon Musings

Magic happens. I never know from day to day what my mood will be, how I will feel physically, or how motivated I will be to be productive. What I do know is that I’m ready for the next BIG step in my own evolution.

I asked for a session with a Shaman; long distance none-the-less. I did not know exactly when it was to be, but I did have a day of total perturbation for no apparent reason. Then for the following week I was motivated, and more optimistic than usual… my body still felt horrible some of the time, but things had perceptively shifted. I was laughing more. This is magical to me. I know it is not truly magic, but it falls in the realm of miracles in my book. Energy healers, psychics, true lovers of life, and perhaps shamans, are miracle workers.

Now that I think about it, maybe we all are. When we are truly coming from the heart, things change around us, for what we generally consider the better. Compassion happens, healing happens, and we don’t even really know what happens! But we can rest assured that the flowing place of our heart or our stuck energies, either way, impact those around us. The miracle is that all of our persistent thoughts and feelings go out to affect the world like ripples on the proverbial pond.

So what do we do with that knowledge? First we have to begin to notice the truth of it. Not hard to discover with a little attention. Then we get “positive!” Just kidding. In fact, “getting real” could be the appropriate aphorism. That may not always be upbeat, but you can’t cover manure with perfume and expect to fool the Universe. The thing is not to suffer. Suffering is caused by hanging on to pain, or grasping or pushing away any emotion. It’s that flowing place of the heart again; key word here – flowing. Let go and let God – another aphorism that works for me (except I’d say Divine Spirit :). Have a little faith (hint: it takes practice). There is a saying, “whatever you put your energy on, increases.” You can have faith in that! Pay attention to your thoughts, and your physical feelings. Together they create your emotions. Not good or bad, but self-generated. Do not judge yourself for anything in your life. Love heals – and nurtures change.

So, letting go of judgment is important in getting to have miracles in your life. Who’s to say what is good and what is bad? It’s a moving target; depends on the perceiver and their circumstances day to day. And so is learning to let go of what is not, and accepting what is. That is a tall order and sure as heck will create a wide range of feelings. And all it takes is the intention. “Let my intentions be my prayers.” Only in acceptance can things begin to change at a deep level, can miracles (that you recognize as such) begin to happen.

So what is your intention? Can you get clear enough to know, motivated enough to set prayerful intentions? Does your purpose in this life run deep enough for you to seek help outside the realm of your known possibilities? Can you take responsibility for your impact?
Can you live true to your values?

Currently I’m playing with the following intentional focus of values: kindness, humor, appreciation, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, intuition (recognition & acknowledgment as such), LOVE and practicing embodied presence. Maybe some of yours include integrity, authenticity, courage, possibility, intimacy, vitality, appreciation of beauty . . . join in the fun!

May all beings have ease-of-being, and Love in their hearts, now and always.

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