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Letting the soft animal of your body loves what it loves…

By January 19, 2011June 30th, 2017Full Moon Musings

May this musing find you at ease in yourself. May you not have set new year goals or resolutions. May you know who that who you are is enough!

Am I kidding? No. I do not advocate shrinking from commitments, or avoiding setting intentions to make changes when the time is right. It’s just that we get so caught up sometimes in being less than kind to ourselves. It doesn’t help us or anyone else. This world needs more kindness, more ease, and more love and laughter.

If you are feeling guilty or are angry with yourself because you broke another (unrealistic) promise to yourself, you are not practicing kindness.

I am intending to play more this year. The trajectory I’m on is about evolving for sure, but it is hopefully in keeping with my own natural rhythms. The more I laugh, play, practice kindness, open my heart and listen from there, the more I seem to actually accomplish!

“In the measurement world you set a goal and strive for it. In the universe of possibility you set a context and let life unfold.”

~Ben & Roz Zander, Authors of “The Art of Possibility,” Conductor of the
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and Coach/Therapist, respectively

I am rethinking some things, as I hope you are. Taking into consideration I have a limited amount of time, a limited amount of energy, an unlimited imagination and unlimited love, what are the practices and projects I wish to maintain or pursue?

I am now blogging weekly on deep self-care; learning a lot and having fun with it. I am planning an interactive 7 week telephone class for entrepreneurial women who want to cultivate and maintain their vital energy, and will be offering the powerful Medicine Walks experience again. Therefore I will likely discontinue my full moon musings after next month. Letting it settle out as to how we’ll stay in touch. If you subscribe at the bottom of this page, we’ll for sure stay in touch one way or the other and I’ll always make it easy for you to unsubscribe or choose your level of contact. We like easy!

Please check out my blog and consider subscribing if you feel it is useful for you. And if it’s not your thing, clear the clutter! This week I wrote about satisfaction and knowing when enough is enough. Interesting and fun stuff.

What practices and projects are worthy of you? What types of experiences are you cultivating? What does the soft animal of your body love? You can send me an email or comment on my website. I’d love to know.

Many blessings for a new year filled with gratitude, forgiveness, love, laughter, ease, compassion and all that for which your wild heart yearns,

Top photo of me taken by my sneaky husband, Geoffrey Levens, as I lie on my lovely Yoga Tree in Austin Creek Wilderness, Sonoma County, CA, and commune with the oaksYoga Tree

This photo was taken by me. See why I call her a Yoga Tree. Isn’t she lovely? You might think with her lying down like this she was not alive, but these Calif coastal oaks do funny things like that, including dancing! She is very much alive!

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  • Absolutely LOVE the picture of you in the yoga tree.

    And love the concept of NOT setting new years resolutions – now THAT is deep self care. We are enough.

    Great blog – thank you for sharing.


  • Carolyn says:

    Thank you Maripat. Yes that tree was always the place I went on that particular hike in the wilderness, usually alone. I get so much out of quiet times communing with the natural world.
    Maybe it was her that taught me about following our natural rhymths!

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