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It only takes a few seconds . . .

By March 9, 2011June 30th, 2017Blog post

My cat, Pookie, teaches me so much every time I am open to learning, or remembering what I know.  This morning she was meowing incessantly and my husband told her to shut up, while I ignored her.  I was busy.




A few minutes later when I had finished what I was doing I looked for Pookie.  I found her in one of her favorite places (if not on my desk), on the bed.  I gave her a good long hug and some conversation and she sang her head off for me.  I loved it at least as much as she did.


“Prayer is reverent attention.” Forrest Church


I don’t have children so I have to learn from a creature that does not speak English.  (I guess infants don’t either!)  Anyhow, I know we all need lots of love.  To say that you are “spoiling” someone because you give them a lot of love and attention, is a sad statement.

My experience is that when we focus positive attention on anyone or any living thing it begets more “positive” feelings and actions from them as receiver and you as giver.  It builds confidence, trust, feelings of gratitude, and in fact, it heals.  When we share our love with others in any authentic way, it expands love all around.


And why not? Why would I not share my love, or give my attention to where it may be needed?  Sometimes I think I’m too busy.  Sometimes I don’t feel I am getting enough.  Whoa, that says a lot eh?  Time to start giving my own inner little self attention.  Time to look in the mirror at these blue-gray eyes and say, “I love you.”  Time to give myself whatever it is that comforts me and makes me remember who I am on the deepest level.


Now back to Pookie and what she teaches me.  I remember how my employees used to “sing” (metaphorically) when I gave them a little of my undivided attention.  I see how my husband responds to a heart-felt “I love you” at odd times.  I feel the pulsating energy of the Earth when I send her my appreciation.  And the way I get treated by people working in public service is night and day between when I can be present in the love I am, and when I am too distracted to pay attention.


You never know what anyone else is going through at any given time.  Your sincere compliment, smile or “song” may be just what they needed to come back from the brink of a bad decision.  And if someone does not seem responsive to what you are offering, it matters not.  Your caring will always find a place to land, even though you may not be aware of just where or how it worked its magic.  That is not your concern.


We go from giver to receiver and become part of the circle of positive energy on the planet.


“And for the rest of your days and nights, I hope you can remember. You never have to do anything sensational in order to be loved.” Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)


And on a final note, I just want to say that the need to withdraw and be sad, angry or any other feelings we’d rather not share is healthy too.  Just remember that we need not always direct our feelings toward anyone.  We are always broadcasting, even in silence.  Just be responsible for your impact, clean and clear with your actions, and you will be surprised how much love is available no matter the state you are in.


Thanks Ms Pookie.

Carolyn Ringo

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