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Are we on the right track, or are things getting worse?

By May 17, 2011June 30th, 2017Full Moon Musings

My answer is yes.  If you look at politics, the environment or the economy, certainly things seem to be getting worse.  If you have your heart open and look to the evolvement of larger and larger numbers of individuals toward a higher consciousness then you know we are on the right track.

Depending on where you look and the eyes with which you look, you will find evidence to support either theory. Depending on where you choose to look dictates the amount of stress or ease in your life.


I am not talking about putting your head in the sand, but simply choosing where to put your focus.  Tell me your answer to this question and I’ll be able to make a pretty good guess about your disposition and how it affects your daily choices.  Sometimes we have to delve into the dark, however we can take a flashlight with us!


We can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.


From experience I can tell you that love and fear exist side by side, as do pain and joy, light and dark. We cannot deny any of it because without dark there would be no light.  Yet we can keep our attention on the light thereby giving it more power in our own lives and in the world.  And we know that whatever we put our energy on increases.


The problems of our world cannot be solved with the same thinking that created the problems to begin with.

– Albert Einstein


So what do you want to have more of on the planet? There is so much healing beauty and kindness, and there is a lot of pain and sadness.  Sometimes when I am feeling empathy for those who are in dire straits and my heart is wide open, simultaneously something attracts my attention that makes my heart sing.


Right now it is the bright yellow bird tweeting just outside my window. What a blessings!

It is my prayerful intention that all beings may find spots of joy, ease of being, love and compassion for themselves and all of life.


Where are your spots of joy?  How can you increase them while attending to the realities of daily life?


Blessings from Colorado,



PS    On a more personal note: I missed writing my musing at the April full moon as we were in the middle of moving.  I almost forced myself to do it, then laughed at myself because I realized doing that would be anything but “deep self-care!”  And what fun would it have been for anyone if it was not coming from my heart.







Loving the beauty and wonderful people of our new town – Paonia, Colorado.  We are in a small month-to-month until we find our “right house.”


I am now getting seriously focused on my classes for entrepreneurial women to prevent burn out (enabling you to continue offering your gifts to the world), Medicine Walks, and communication classes.  Loving the process of Non-Violent Communication too!


I am toying with changing the name of my business to “heart-centered-living.”  What do you think? I do not want anyone to think deep self-care is about doing more!  It is truly about developing heart for your self and all else flows from that.


Would love to hear from you!  Much appreciation.


To see some of my Paonia photos:

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