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the potential of love

By December 31, 2015June 30th, 2017Uncategorized

the potential for love


There is only one living breathing organism and we are individually pieces of that organism.  In order to make the organism whole, fully alive and healthy we must all take our place, fulfill our soul’s purpose. The organism is like a computer, junk in, junk out.  The more of us that lives up to our potential, the healthier the organism; the Earth is healthy, we are healthy balanced individuals.  We have healthy communities.

What does it mean to live up to our potential or fulfill our soul’s purpose?

First of all in order to even get a clue you must stop plugging into  mainstream media on any regular basis. Feelings of sadness, fear and anger will likely not be provoked so often.   I am not saying those are not valid emotions because part of what we must be doing to be healthy is allowing all of our emotions to move through us.  Key here is – move through.  We often want to reject the ones that don’t feel god or hang onto the happy ones.  Complete and total acceptance of ourselves and our lives just as we are is absolutely necessary for any deep internal change.  Making room for change is what opens us to our true purpose.  Your vocation is not necessarily your purpose.  It’s more your avocation, how you live your life.

We do not need fixing.  Life is about becoming; awakening into the mystery of being.

Think of the word you have for God/Spirit/Higher Power – the one that takes you to the deepest connected feeling.  Put your hand on your heart and say it as often as you can remember to in a day, and you will feel more grounded, expanded . . . whatever you are needing.  This simple act leads to amazing heart opening!  An open heart is vulnerable, it can be broken, it can and does heal.  A being with a wide open heart cannot help but live up to their potential – that of being fully alive, exactly as you are and contributing your unbounded love to the mass consciousness.

Experiencing the love that we are does not mean pretending it’s all cherries.  It means we are choosing our focus, moment to moment.  Love and fear live side by side in our hearts, as does sorrow and joy.  We can focus on one without denying the other.  Whatever you put your energy on increases.

Therefore if we are going to heal and be agents of healing we need to stay aware of our thoughts.  What we are thinking and feeling is never wrong, and an awareness of it does allow us to make the choices that lead to having the impact on this Earth that is only ours to make.

It is time for healing NOW.  Choose forgiveness, gratitude and deep self care, and you will be a healing force on this planet.  We no longer have the luxury of waiting to see what happens.  We are each contributing to what is happening.  Love heals.

Make heart opening a priority and the power of your impact will heal the planet.


PS  Did I answer the question of living into one’s potential?  Not really, but it’s my first public blog (be kind please) in a long time and  I’ve got so much coming through right now that I can’t keep up.  I will be writing more and then have links to expand upon thoughts and ideas that get presented but not fully explained in any given writing.

I may start video blogging because I talk better than I write!  Thanks for “listening.”  And Happy New Year!

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