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grace happens

By January 2, 2016June 30th, 2017Uncategorized

grace happens


I intend to start showing appreciation for this embodied life. Feeling gratitude is important and well, it

feels great.  However, what manifests from my thoughts and feelings are the aliveness of being.

I’m not talking about things here.  I mean what I do; what is brought forth from my consciousness.


Sometimes the power of mass consciousness seems overwhelming and I become paralyzed/”stuck.”  And when I am in the connected flow with Sweet Essence I know that I powerful enough to heavily influence what I attract into my life.  And certainly what is brought forth from my own ground of being is up to me.



Life rarely turns out how we expect it to turn out.  How we handle it from moment to moment is entirely up to us.  I know deep in my bones that by being grateful for whatever shows up (or at least most of it:-)) precipitates grace.

I never liked the bumper sticker, “shit happens.”  Come on – we all know that.  Now I have one (on my fridge where I can see it often) that says, “grace happens.”  Much more fun to focus on grace than shit!  (Keeps coming back to what we focus on increases!)  And indeed – amazing grace does happen

So I now speak and act for more grace.  I step up the doing.  I lead a blessed life (I choose to think of it as such) and I can offer more to those who don’t yet have that experience.  To do that I must be well.  So deeper self care, less playing small.

That’s my 2016.  I’m excited.  How about you?

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  • Sally says:

    I love your story, I love that Grace Happens and not shit… I love that Grace Happens should be on my refridgerator. I am so lucky to have met you and your delightful Momma. I am grateful you were able to at my home when you needed it. I look forward to more rich and vibrational ideas from you ! ❤

    • says:

      Thank you Sally. You are such a dear. I loved being at your home and I so appreciated all you did for my sweet Momma. Wishing you grace in abundance for 2016!

  • Jean (Jeanne) O says:

    I keep a Gratitude Journal, not daily but when I am moved to remember….no matter what is happening i my life at the moment…

    One of the things I remember often is that happiness is a choice!!!

    I wish you great success for your venture!!!

    • says:

      Thank you Jeanne. What a great way to remind yourself of life’s blessings. Happiness is a choice – good title for a blog post. 🙂

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