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the rich darkness of winter

By January 17, 2016June 30th, 2017Uncategorized

SWEET DARKNESSWhen your eyes are tired the world is tired also.When your vision has gone, no part of the world can…

Posted by David Whyte on Saturday, February 21, 2015


The natural world is our world. Sometimes we think our world is in cyberspace, and although there is no wifi in the woods, I guarantee there is a better connection.


An angel came by yesterday and dragged my sorry ass out and up into the mountains for a hike. Magical – of course.


Winter is always difficult for me when it’s gray and cold outside. I am such a sensual person and all I see out my window is gray; I don’t hear any birds, only the sound of heaters; there are no flowers to smell; I can’t put my hands into the dirt or feel the breeze on my skin; and after the holiday sugar rush I am on a restricted cleansing diet so not a lot of food fun either. My intuition tells me I’m under water – body temperature water.


Out in the mountains and the forest I see the patterns of how the snow and the trees create art, the Earth allows herself to be blanketed in white, pulling in all colors for healing. There is a profound silent beauty.


I am not inundated with any sensual delights. (I am a bit of a sensual epicurean.) There is less resistance to allowing my own process. It is a deep dark place, and as I can only be alone there, I am holding that it is indeed a rich fertile place as well.


When you have come to the edge
Of all light that you know
And are about to drop off into the darkness
Of the unknown,
Faith is knowing
One of two things will happen:
There will be something solid to stand on or
You will be taught to fly. ~ Edward Teller

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