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loving love

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loving love


Say “I Love you”

Say it randomly

To the people closest to you

To a stranger on the street

To yourself in the mirror

Tell someone what you love most

About who they are

And then another thing

There can’t be too many

Just say it out loud

Watch it light them up

Watch it light you up

Say “I love you”

Say it again and again

Because everything else

Is just idle conversation


~ Christy Sharshel



I love this poem! I am so filled with love sometimes my chest aches. I used to drive my (former) husband nuts telling him I loved him so frequently. (I still tell him.) I tell lots of people I love them and things about them. I say out loud what I love, I tell the trees I love them, the sun, the earth. (I live alone so I can say it to a chocolate bar!)


Here’s one for you: say “I love you  (your name) ,” in the mirror. Feel it; let it rip, cry, laugh, just be with it. Make this a practice and I promise you this alone will change your life for the better in unimagined ways.


Loving and being loved is wonderful, healing in fact, and hearing those words is an important part of allowing the love in. Many people do not share those words even if they feel it because it makes them feel too vulnerable. Or they might worry I’ll think it means something more than it means to them.


Falling in love with a lover is a scary place because what if they don’t love you back? And of course a million more what ifs. Allowing ourselves certain types of love and not others is a reflection of our childhood most of the time. Loving fully, openly and easily takes practice. We must be willing to be hurt and have faith in our own resilience.


If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of

their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value

as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all. ~Yogi Bhajan


There are so many meanings of love in the English language that it can mean almost anything. We love food, we love our Mothers, we love our lovers, we love a hot bath. Sometimes love is a momentary thing. “I love you in this moment.” That works.


Having the unconditional love of a pet helps heal our broken hearts, or any sadnes. And I’ve never had a pet get nervous when I tell it I love it too often. I digress…


Point is: give what you want to get. I open my heart often and easily. It doesn’t always come back to me in the way I imagined, but as love radiates out from my heart, it radiates through me – and that is powerful healing energy!



PS I’m going to post a love quote every day from now (Feb 1) through Valentine’s Day, Feb 14! (oh how will I choose from so many?!)  It will be posted on my personal facebook page and my wedding facebook page.


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