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walking the beauty way

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walking the beauty way

In a life filled with gratitude and loving presence, beauty is a given. It’s similar to how some people see nothing as a miracle and others see everything as a miracle. One’s focus, belief and attitude determine the quality and quantity of noticed beauty in life.

Walking the beauty way is about taking in all the beauty around us all the time. In some Native American traditions, walking the beauty way is defined as a Spiritual path. Allowing beauty, being beauty – it’s all Spiritual.


Life is a gift of nature. Beautiful living is a gift of wisdom.


What is beautiful? – An open heart, a smile, a simple butterfly, sparkly rocks, bubbling water, the eyes of a dear one, the colors of Spring, art from the heart, the roundness of words when coming through the heart, the shape of an old tree, the mist of an early morning rain, sun on the smooth surface of a lake, a full body dance, a clean kitchen counter, righteous anger, the color of my food before I take in it’s nourishment, my own eyes looking back at me with love. Beauty is embodied in every sense, in our very Soul.



I am of the Earth.

I am the Flower in full Bloom.

I am the Tree of Life.

I am Nature and I am Beautiful.


I find that when I am sad or grieving, or angry, or anything that does not fit my picture of what I want more of in my life, I just need to open to the beauty of the moment. There is such perfection in our lives! I may not like what’s here right now, yet there is such beauty in this moment.

I was feeling so heavy with grief yesterday, and I made the best veggie soup ever! That is because in my sadness I started enjoying the colors and shapes of the veggies, blessing my body, and simply being okay with what was moving through me. I didn’t think about it, I just put it together with love.

Love and happiness are not necessarily synonymous. Love encompasses all and creates the space for beauty.


Beauty seems to be an intrinsic part of nature, and perhaps even the organizing principle of reality. Scientists, in testing their theories, invariably find that the simplest, most elegant, most beautiful equation, is the correct one. Rainbows, butterflies, and the periodic table are some examples of intrinsic beauty. The world will be saved by beauty.     ~National Geographic


Next time you feel sad, dress yourself in clothes that feel beautiful. Let your authentic self with all your feelings shine through, and you will be met with beauty.


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