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ask what is needed, do what you can

By November 13, 2016December 22nd, 2017Uncategorized

It has been a difficult few days for many of us.  Most of us have experienced shock and many stages of grief from denial to heavy sadness to anger.  It is a normal reaction to something that will have such far-reaching effects on our lives.  Civil rights can be regained and I pray that kindness prevail among all people. (I do believe it is more important than ever that we stand up against any bullying or mistreatment of our brothers and sisters that we witness.)   However the environment is another story.  When wilderness and clean water are gone, they are gone.  What the hell are we going to do?

My guidance tells me that this is a major wake-up call for all of us.  The majority of us in this country have been pretty comfortable, even if we have had to work hard to survive.  Unfortunately we are likely to get much less comfortable over the coming years. What is needed at this time is for each of us to get crystal clear about our purpose here, what our values are, and how to let those inform our actions. 

What is yours to do?  For example, I know it is not mine to go to Standing Rock, however I am grateful to those that do.  We are going to have to stand strong in our communities, for our children, in local politics, in whatever is needed.

What is mine to do is guide others in finding that deep place where love resides untouched, and to allow that to wash through the psyche and out into the world.  Simply stated, my practice is about self-love and acceptance of ‘what is’ with deep compassion for self and others.  It is about your relationship with yourself, your neighbor, Nature and Spirit. 

Helping women get clear about their purpose and values is sometimes part of ending the judgment of self (and then of course others) and recognizing limiting beliefs for what they are.  Boundaries are going to be more important that ever for we women in coming times as well.  With clarity comes inspiration, and without the aforementioned encumbrances, we can move mountains together!

If you feel I may be able to assist you in any way, please call or email me for an inquiry session at no charge.  I do grief and empowerment coaching. Joy and sadness live side by side in our hearts. Let’s use all aspects of ourselves well.

My practice is focused on women over 50, however I am opening it to bold women of all ages at this time.

Ask what is needed, do what you can.  Do it with courage, strength, compassion and a heart of gratitude for all the beauty in this world.

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