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return of the light

By December 21, 2016December 22nd, 2017Uncategorized

Today is Winter Solstice (December 21),  the shortest day of light and the longest night of the year. It is an opportune time to go inside to that deep rich dark feminine place within.

“The ancient peoples used this time of darkness to focus on its power. Nt the negative image of darkness, but the richness of that unknown, dark, fertile, deep part in each of us wherein our intuitive, creative forces abide. In modern terms, it is a time for owning one’s shadow, so as to transform any negative energy associated with it into the energy of creation and intuition. We must accept and know our Darkness before we can fully know our Light.”

Many of us are busy enjoying time with our family and friends this time of year, and do not create the time for reflection and introspection. Be kind to yourself and commit to a time within the next 6 weeks (a couple of days if you can, or at least a few hours) to drop into this deeply feeling place and you will be rewarded with clarity and sweet aliveness to continue living your purpose and vision.

Carolyn Ringo

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