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As a small group of women over age 50, we will explore our own sacredness while exploring individual and mutual vulnerability through radical self-acceptance and profound compassion. Uplifting practices and playfulness will inspire remarkable strength, courage and inner power lasting a lifetime.


When you leave this retreat you will:

  • Have the tools and awareness to be much more kind to yourself and have more patience with those around you
  • Be able to find that place within you where you can actually accept ‘what is’ with grace and make clear wise  choices
  • Know how to listen from deep within yourself, as well as how to listen to the natural world and to what is calling for your attention                             




You will know deep in your bones that intention drives attention, and you will leave this retreat with more heartfelt benevolent intention toward yourself and others than you have ever known!

This is the time to discover the secret of sustainable boundaries, deeply integrate of all aspects of yourself, and allow your wild loving heart vast freedom and spaciousness.

Flow  We will engage in experiential learning together most mornings and have afternoons for play. And best of all – the week will be filled with inner and outer juicy conversations, leading to deep essential aliveness!



Puerto Morelos, on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, is a government designated eco-reserve, which protects the reef and mangroves—and the village itself—from resorts and commercial development. This is a fishing village and a small Mexican port town. You will not find any big resorts here!

Your heart will be full and your senses will be indulged as you snorkel the reef of colorful fish in turquoise waters, walk barefoot on the white sand beaches, delight in the warm sea air, and allow yourself to experience the miracle of your own aliveness. We will walk and/or ride bicycles among ancient Mayan ruins within the magic of the jungle, while focused on our own illusive magic, as we create powerful self-healing ceremony.

We will form a small intimate counsel circle of women who will play together, dance wildly together, listen to and mirror one another in our beauty and authentic love.

Home base is a colorful spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath house 3 blocks from the beach. Each woman will have her own bed and there is a fully furnished kitchen. This is not a “high end” retreat – this is a retreat focused on simple comfort, and developing ease-of-being.


We will spend our mornings in eye-opening, experiential teachings, and use our afternoons to share adventures together from jungle Mayan ruins to a boat ride out to snorkel on the reef, to perhaps swimming in cenotes (inland pools in the jungle). Throughout our activities of the day, we will use the tools and practices we are learning  to stay more awake and more present with ourselves while we are fully engaged in life.



You will find scrumptious restaurants, live music and local happenings in the village square. We will have most of our nurturing and nourishing meals cooked for us at “home.” There is a fresh fruit and veggie market nearby and many other local foodie delights!


There will be time spent in sacred circle, in relaxed sharing, out shopping or listening to live music, or alone on the beach. Or you may choose to sit on the front porch or the upper balcony, overlooking the lovely garden, reading or lazing in one of the hammocks. This is your retreat – a time to learn, deepen, relax, play, and delight in the ever-unfolding you!

  • Are you a mature woman who feels pretty good in your own skin these days, yet sometimes judges yourself (and perhaps others) harshly for any number of things?
  • Do you have a list of shoulds in regard to self-care, but can’t seem to get motivated enough?
  • Would you like to create more intimacy in your life?
  • Do you sometimes feel sad because you feel alone in the world?
  • Do you have a hard time asking for what you need or what you are longing for in your heart?

If any of the above are true for you, this retreat is custom tailored for you!


The unique exercises and eye-opening discussions we have in the mornings will carry over into our unrestrained fun time as we deepen our inner listening. When we come back together in circle we will get to share our authentic process in a way that teaches us to relax into intimacy, get in touch with our longings and know how to speak from the heart.

We will deepen our friendships with one another by deepening our friendship with ourselves. In this setting and self-awareness, our judgments and shoulds fall away. We come to love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves in the way that comes from our inner guidance, expresses our natural truth and serves us – and our beloveds – deeply.


For information about me, your guide, click here:  Carolyn Ringo.  You may find my story gives you more of a flavor of who I am.