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choosing your experience of the holidays

By December 1, 2017December 22nd, 2017Blog post

You have so many choices and ways to honor your values!


What would it be like to go through the holidays without alcohol? Without sugar, or a restricted amount of it? How about without breaking your other dietary restrictions and paying for it throughout January? Without getting high? What if you just didn’t overeat or overindulge?


And what if you got clear with yourself about your boundaries with family, friends, and energy levels? What if you said yes when you felt it and no when you needed to?


What if you were able to catch yourself judging and were able to turn it into an opportunity to open your heart further? (Oh how good that will feel.)


And just what if you committed to even a short time in Nature more than once around the holidays?


What is right for you to choose for yourself at this time?


Sit and feel into what you are choosing to experience during the holidays, or are setting yourself up to experience.


Even if you feel obligated to spend time with family you may not enjoy (that’s another exploration for another time) you still get to choose your experience or responses.


Be kind to yourself, it will make you kinder to others, and less sensitive to any perceived unkindness.


Pay attention to your own needs while taking others needs into consideration.


Do not sidestep your emotions. You don’t always need to express them to let them move through. No need to hold onto any of them or deny them.


Just keep loving, enjoy pleasure and beauty and be spacious in your activities.


In other words, keep it simple, breathe, and take time to smell the Christmas trees.

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