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spring equinox

By March 21, 2018Blog post

We have had more dark than light in the Northern hemisphere for 6 months. We have a perfect balance of darkness and the light at this time of the Spring Equinox. 

Most of us rejoice knowing the days are now getting longer, giving us more time out of doors, time to tend to our gardens, to feel closer to the land.  We may feel lighter, our hearts more joyous.   

As you move to your outer nature (light), do you continue to honor your inner nature (dark)?  The yin and the yang exists in us at all times.  How do you maintain balance in your life? 

You may ask yourself, “What depths have I allowed myself to experience this winter?”  You may journal or create ceremony on the land.  If you are blessed with a body of water nearby, it is a supporting energy for this kind of listening.  By allowing yourself to acknowledge the darkness within you will be more able to know the light as it arises within you. 

Light and dark are not synonymous with good and bad.  Who is to say what is good and what is bad?  What is, is.  When we stop expending energy to keep what we perceive as bad away, our energy can be used for healing.  Acceptance (not the same as resignation) is amazingly freeing.

Allow what is inside to be known consciously.  You have both negative and positive thoughts and feelings.  One is not good and the other bad.  You likely have a preference.  Great!  This is a time to choose to turn your face toward the light.  However, if you turn your back on the dark entirely, you will loose your balance, your perspective.

You will rarely have a life in perfect balance at any given moment, yet by allowing what is and not rejecting any aspect of yourself, you will find balance over time.  The scale will tip to dark and to light, back and forth, because no matter how much you choose light, you carry within you all that is. 

This is a dark time on the planet, metaphorically.  Many of us want to be beings of light to help balance the scale.  In that endeavor we will be more successful by not denying the darkness, rather by embracing it and allowing the alchemical process of turning it into light. Denying the dark keeps it in the dark.

Darkness that has seen the light is not evil. Light that has experienced the dark knows truth and love. It is/we are all One. This is the time of year to bring everything out into the light. Be open to all that is and rejoice in your ability to feel joy and love! All you feel is your aliveness. You have emerged from exploring the darkness, the fertile creative place within, and are coming out to the time of manifestation. The deeper you go, the higher you can go. Nature seeks balance.

Together, in not judging what “good or bad,” we can use the energy we might have used to keep “bad” at bay, and simply bath it all in the light we create within ourselves.  Allow the light on the land to light up your Soul and be the change you want to experience. 



I love doing Qigong because it brings me into balance. In Sheng Zhen we experience yin/yang, light/dark, heaven/earth, expansion/contraction, inbreath/outbreath, emptiness/fullness…g

Sometimes it brings cleansing tears. In allowing them it makes more room for joy.

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