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Living fully in a new less comfortable world

By July 7, 2020Blog post

The Great Turning is the name for the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.   ~Joanna Macy 

Life has always been uncertain.  Now that becomes less of an intellectual construct.  We KNOW life is uncertain.  Every day brings news of more deaths due to a run-away virus (and there could be more to come), possible catastrophic economic collapse, rampant worldwide fascism, and climate change affecting every aspect of life.

Yet, there is so much beauty to be taken in, to be a part of.  Tune into the natural world and allow yourself to be a part of that – because you ARE that!  Open you heart and connect with all of life – there is so much love available!



Evil seems to be omnipotent.  It obviously speaks in the minds of many people who do not have a strong moral compass. No one is immune, however we can tune ourselves to the channel to which we choose to listen.  We will still likely receive some interference, but we can turn it off or simply ignore it.

It seems the general prescription for most of us in order to stay tuned to a channel of strength, love, integrity, courage, humor, and all that brings us back to our core, is quiet contemplation.  It may be sitting in meditation, it may be walking with purpose in nature, it may be writing out our fears so we can see them for what they are, it may be reading or listening to spiritual guides.  Whatever your practice(s) is, this is the most important time in the history of the planet to PRACTICE. 

Silence is the Soul’s break for freedom.  ~ David Whyte

Practice self-compassion.  Practice opening your heart, over and over.  Practice accepting (if not loving) what is.  Play, rejoice, be whole, be human.  Let your Soul connect with Spirit at every turn, or tuning of the channel.

We must stand courageously in the light.  We must be rooted in the bliss at our core.  We are the ones who will drive evil out of the hearts of (wo)man. 

The short term (and the not so short term) looks scary.  We can deny our fears, yet that does not make us stronger.  We must face them and allow them to move through us so we can be clear when we turn to the light.  There is no denying reality, and we get to choose the reality to focus our energy on. 

Fear is an old word that derives from the same roots as “fare,” as in “thoroughfare”. Although is often causes people to run away, fear means “to go through it.” Fear used to be called “the awakener,” for healthy fear intends to awaken the soul and guide it to greater connections to the living Soul of the World. The hidden purpose of fear involves bringing us closer to inner resources and a greater knowledge of what carries us throughout life. In the end, what we fear will not go away, for it indicates what we must go through in order to live more fully.  ~ Michael Meade

Choose wisely, for life depends on it!  And know, you are not alone; you are loved.  You are love.

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