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Allowing Yourself Simple Beautiful Pleasures

By January 12, 2024Blog post

I was living in rural Illinois flat land.

I took them both by the hand and led them into an ordinary meadow near the creek behind my house.

The jack-in-the-pulpits I had discovered there the previous day had dropped me to my knee


What joy this amazing bloom brought to my soul.
My heart was on fire.



So I brought the next folks who showed up in my life to share the wonder.

They happened to be men.

When we arrived at the foot of these beauties, I gasped as how much bigger they had gotten in 20 hours.

“Simple pleasures!” one said to the other while laughing.

They barely had a look.

They made fun of my 21 year old heart for feeling this was something special.

I took it in at the time and felt like perhaps I was a simple person.

Now that I am 70 years old and looking back at that incident, I hope those men have outgrown their own fear of being touched by the simple things in life.

I am so happy that I am easily pleased, that the simple things in life delight me.

I find beauty everywhere, especially in the miracle of the natural world.

And in my friend’s smile, and in my own eyes most of the time!

Whether or not I am simple is not a question that draws my interest.

Whether or not I can find joy in simplicity and beauty and love and all that is precious,

I have no doubt.




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