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How Can Worry Help Your Loved Ones?

By January 12, 2024Blog post

A friend of mine is having surgery today.  I began with a worry about how it would turn out for her.  Then I realized I was holding a negative picture and feeling about the outcome.  So I replaced my image with a positive picture of how it might turn out and spent a moment with the feeling of that outcome.  As the time of her surgery neared, I found the worry and negative projection gone.

Whether or not you believe in prayer or holding positive outcomes has an effect, it will certainly have an effect on your own energy.  “My intentions are my prayers, my prayers are my intentions.“

When I don’t have an exact outcome in mind, or I feel it is not mine to determine, I simply pray for the highest good.  It is helpful to notice if what you are thinking and actually feeling are in alignment.  It may take a few tries at sitting with it to let go of underlying fear or anxiety.

Being curious about worry can be another avenue to explore.  It’s somewhat like guilt.  If I feel guilty will that alleviate anyone else’s suffering?  We know it will not.  I know someone who thinks if he feels guilty enough it will somehow make up for the crappy thing he did.  No, it will not.  What is called for is sincere bodily felt forgiveness, hopefully leading to learning.

What is worry?  Where does it live in your body?  What reactions is it causing?  Is it helping anyone else?

Another example is when someone receives a dire diagnosis likely leading to death.  I do not pretend to know what the highest good is for them.  So I pray for the highest good for all concerned to be the outcome.  I may pray for ease of being, or knowing they are loved, or for their healing, but not necessarily physical healing, because I don’t know that that would be for his/her highest good.  Healing can take place on many levels and that is what I pray for them.

When it comes to climate change, politics, violence, personal rights ,etc., I add only my positive projections as best as possible. If I am led to do something about a situation, it will be more effective if I am coming from a place of possibility rather than a place of fear and anxiety.   I believe that everyone’s chronic thoughts and feelings affect the outcome.

Sometimes I can drop into worry and when I notice myself contracting or tensing, I realize that I am adding negative energy to the whole of consciousness.  So I work with that in all the ways I know how to be a positive force on the planet, and more specifically to my loved ones.

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