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Moving Into Awareness

Feelings     •     Needs     •     Presence

Empathy – a Compassionate Communication skill for more ease

& understanding in your daily life.


  • Use your curiosity to learn empathy

                 take another step toward personal freedom

  • Listening from the Heart

                  deepen relationships with loved ones

  • Disengaging with Kindness  (yes. boundaries again 🙂

                 a softer way to navigate community connections

  • Understanding yourself (that incessant chatter in your head can be useful!)

                 self-acceptance makes love & presence more available


Sunday, Feb 23, 3:00 – 5:30

Blue Sage, 228 Grand Ave, Paonia

Suggested Donation $30 – $45


Carolyn Ringo, Transition Guide, has been practicing and sharing Compassionate Communication for over 30 years. She is a mediator, Vision Quest guide, coach, teacher and ceremonialist.

Have fun while learning and practicing together!


click here for 3 short real life stories on empathy

Contact me for further information

(barter & scholarship inquiries welcome)