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This website is under re-constuction, as am I. 🙂  Thank you for understanding.

The Earth and all life on it, is in tremendous transition at this time. Sometimes we feel like we just stepped into another dimension, feeling strange to ourselves. It is not an easy time to keep our hearts and minds open. Sometimes it’s difficult to focus on anything.


By developing compassion toward ourselves, exploring and deepening our primary love relationships – those with ourselves, Nature and Spirit, we find our hearts naturally opening in all of our relationships. In learning to be the love that we are at our core, we radiate and attract the love that grounds us.

You are here to be who you are through and through and offer that to the world. You are needed now!  Discovering who you are is a lifetime challenge, yet an even greater one is living in a way that honors what you have discovered.

What is the gift that you are that you continue to hold in exile?

~Peter Block

I’d like to say it’s simple, and on one level it is, and life is complex.

Just coming from a place of forgiveness, or living in gratitude, practicing compassion, being playful, having self-acceptance. . . all those things are important and sound great – but how do we live from those places? You likely already know what’s most important in your life, you just need to – what? What is it you need to do/be to feel fulfilled?

I don’t have your answer…

What I know is what it has taken for me, and continues to take, and what it takes for my friends and clients. If you are interested in learning more about this possibility for yourself call me at 970-527-3933 or email me. I am happy to give you the gift of a discovery session where we ascertain what it is you are needing and whether or not I can assist you on your journey.

Beauty heals • Pleasure heals • Love heals • Presence heals • Nature heals