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I asked my last local Compassionate Communication class to make comments that I might use for advertising future classes. Below I have alphabetically listed all I received.


The class allowed space for genuine feelings and needs to rise to the surface where participants/students could see them with compassionate & inquisitive eyes. We learned together, practiced together, shared together, and gave/received support together. Carolyn created an atmosphere of respect and curiosity conducive to increasing effective communication and understanding. ~BL


Carolyn Ringo’s class on Compassionate Communication was brilliant. She shared lots of pertinent information (with great handouts!), gave us useful exercises and techniques which we practiced in class, and was an excellent model of clear, honest and compassionate communication herself. She created a safe space that allowed lots of great discussions with real life examples. The class helped me to identify and communicate my feelings and needs and to express them in a nonthreatening manner easily heard by others. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for more self awareness, more clear and honest communication, and more empathy towards self and others. ~Karen Good


Carolyn gently guided us through the principals and practice of Compassionate Communication with confidential integrity amongst our fellowship of participants. Compassionate Communication allows for a safe breakthrough to exploring and honoring new ways of navigating through confusion and seemed intrusion, with honestly to one’s self as well as to another. ~LCM


It was a great class. We covered so much material in such a short time. So efficient! I had fun, was never bored, and enjoyed so much the experience of being in a class full of people who were internalizing a new and better way of understanding, connecting and communicating with each other. That experience of community alone would have been enough. ~Lincoln Vannah


I am a therapist who has done many types of personal/spiritual growth work so I wasn’t sure if I “needed” this type of class. What I learned is that you can never have too much of this kind of learning. Carolyn is a wise teacher who has clearly done and continues to do her own work, and that makes all the difference. ~Lindsay Cusack


Compassionate Communication is not an easy fix. It takes time and focus. It provides many useful tools and thoughts about how we communicate or don’t. Learning to make requests saves the day! ~Lindsey Ballyhoo


Provides an opportunity to observe ourselves and others in a learning environment who share a common desire to communicate in another way. ~Wesley Ewert


This way of communicating allows me to understand myself on a much deeper level of clarity, defusing my reactions and judgments. At the same time it creates a doorway for each person, engaged in the dialog, to connect to their true needs and feeling underneath any given situation. ~Willow Windgood