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Middle Age and Elder

Women Loving Themselves and Living Their Purpose

September 11 to November 13 – 10 weeks

Mondays for 2 ½ hours.  Time of day will depend on the group

Week 5 (Oct 9) will be an all day and evening outdoor experience.  (Possibly and overnight for those who choose.)

Make space for 1-3 hours of personal exploration between meetings.


Content:  In this 10 week experiential play shop you will connect with other women who are juicy and alive (or endeavor to be)!  In a safe space, together we will explore our deepest self, our desires, our self-care practices, and what we are called to do/be in our remaining years.

I hear so many women after 60 saying, “what’s next?”  Or, “how do I fulfill my purpose at this age?”

It is my intention to help middle-aged to elder women discover or deepen their relationship to themselves; to explore and honor what may have remained unexpressed for a long time; to clarify our intentions intentions moving forward.

In order to do that we will use council circles, ceremony, meditation, purpose and vision exercises, dance/movement, clarifying needs and feelings, and more.  My intention is that you will know what is yours to do, feel connected to one another and all of life, and be clear about the wisdom you carry at the end of this experience.

The intended outcome is that participants will understand their purpose, feel connected to this community and all of life, and embrace the wisdom you embody at the end of our time together.


About me:  I had a dysfunctional childhood as did many of us.  Starting in my early twenties   I found ways (without much money) to get psychotherapy.  I have done a LOT of it.  Many different types including body-centered awareness.  I have worked in groups, done co-counseling, did one on one somatic work, you name it.  I have developed a high level of emotional intelligence, while not being an intellectual.  It works for me!

I feel balanced, juicy, alive, and ready to be with you in body, mind and Spirit.

And if you want more details about my careers:*


Fee:  Since I am teaching this locally and it is my first offering of this workshop, I am offering it on a pay from the heart basis.  (I intend to offer in online after this.)

If you are willing to give me honest direct useful feedback each week and more at the end, that can be your donation.  If you do not feel that is yours to do (it takes time) then a minimum donation of $15 per week would be appreciated.

If money is an issue and you feel called this, please come anyway.  (There will just be a basket for donations.)

Place:  To be announced.  (If you have ideas on this, please let me know!)  Hopefully somewhere intimate with room to spread out!

RSVP required by August 31.  Call or text 970-527-3933 to register or inquire further.  Or email me at

Thank you!!

No one tells the oceans

or the trees

or the mountains that they’re too old.

They talk of how powerful,

how grounded,

how awesome they are.

Imagine if we thought the same way about ourselves as we got older.

Maybe we’d realize how spectacular we are.

~Becky Hemsley


 *More details about my careers:

I have been self-employed most of my life and a solopreneur much of that time

After running my own business as an Office Management Consultant to Wholistic Health Care Practitioners and teaching seminars throughout the state for several years, (Santa Barbara) I founded a Spiritual Community and gave a talk and ran a dynamic organization for 5 years. (Durango).  During that time I became a Certified Mediator.  Then I trained and became certified as a Life Coach and a Relationship Coach. (N CA)  During that training I developed the business model and ran the leadership branch of The Coaches Training Institute.  After a lengthy illness where I was disabled for a year, I served as practice manager for a large integrative medical clinic for 4 years. (N Cal)

Then I became Certified as Home Funeral Guide. (N Cal).  I did a lengthy training to become a Vision Fast Guide, and have led one Women’s Wild Soul Wilderness Quest every year since then. (Paonia).  I also have continued to teach compassionate communication, as I have for many years.

Beginning with the experience of leading a spiritual community I fell in love with ceremony and ritual.  I began officiating weddings and other blessings.  I do end-of life planning as well as weddings and memorials at this point in time.

I am single, living in Paonia, Colorado, and loving my community!

Only now I am beginning to feel into how I want to live out my own purpose in the rest of this blessed life.

I want to teach again; lead; guide.  I want to work with women around purpose in this latter part of life.